I am currently an undergraduate senior pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science, with a concentration in Game Development, at University of Southern California. I am looking for a production opportunity in the games industry. During the past few years, I have worked on several development teams as well as interning as an R&D engineer at the Research and Development department of Industrial Light and Magic and as an engineer for a startup named Belmont Technology Inc.

Although I major in Computer Science, I am extremely passionate about the entire game development process as a whole. I am currently leading a large student development team of 46 local and external team members to develop The Maestros, a real-time strategy title. On The Maestros, I am responsible for managing priority-based timescales, scheduling and tracking tasks, setting and adjusting development milestones, and overseeing the overall design of the game. My experience in all fields of game development has helped me immensely as a producer. I constantly strive to learn more about any new area or concept I am introduced to. When not developing games, I like to either exercise my competitive nature through both physical and virtual means or simply kick back and hang out with close friends.

Here is a link to a formal outline of my experience: Resume